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My First SEO Boy Post and More Good News to Come. Hopefully

November 19, 2009.SEO

I sent my first post off to the editor at SEO Boy at the end of day yesterday. Except the end of day in Bloomington, IN is an hour earlier than the EOD of Valparaiso, IN. Damned Region CST. A mistake that won’t happen twice. But given the whirlwind, I don’t think anybody minded. Being […]

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With TweetUps, the AfterTweetUp Is the One to Attend

November 19, 2009.Digital Marketing.#meetup

We’re getting better with our TweetUps in The Region – Chicago South Suburbs to South Bend. We’ve got a cool one coming up in December – if you like bowling. And Lord help the poor Ghet who doesn’t tie in charity / non-profit when sponsoring our get-togethers. I think #NWITweetUp will grow from a fad […]

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