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A 2009 Blog Indiana, “Thank You”

August 16, 2009.Finn.0 Likes.0 Comments
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(Mass Ave, attorney Kenan Farrel on his 2009 Blog Indiana thoughts. Filmed at the Rathskeller after the Friday night session)

I just finished 2009 Blog Indiana and felt as though I came away with much more this year than last year. Granted, last year I was still wrapping my brain around Social Media concepts and this year I am able to make those concepts dance in my head. But this year, I also came up with several strategies to help not only my personal blogging but also with corporate strategies.

Another twist from last year, this year I went by myself. It forced to be more social during the conference.  And I’m glad I went by myself. Not only did I get to put a name to the face of those I’ve tweeted with, but I got to meet a great many people that I otherwise might not have introduced myself to had I gone with co-workers. I’m stupid like that.

For example, I was happy to finally meet and chat with Kyle Lacy and put a face to the Twitter name I’ve debated with a couple times over the last year.

“Oh, you’re Nat Finn,” he said during the handshake as if he still remembers the little pinpricks I put in his side during the debates. He did the same to me. It’s the sign of a fun debate. “Fun” as is something that’s more enjoyable to look back on than it was to go through. We talked about how he his point of view was more from a traditional agency and my point of view was from an internet marketing agency and from those differences I could see the similarities. Talks with Lacy make me a better blogger. I hope I do the same for him.

Kevin and Jeremy at SlingShot SEO are good, knowledgeable people. I wish they would have been around for more than just the Thursday event.

Jason Falls is a booming soul and was a blast to talk to and share war stories. Not bad for a Kentuckian :-P. He makes the summer concert series at the outdoor bar district in Louisville sound like a blast. I hope his consulting career takes off. Something tells me it will.

And I never even introduced myself in person to Chris Brogan, but he’s one of those people whom you can “know as you go” like those lifelong friends I made when I was little. I never went to Prophet n Playboy when I was 5 and said, “Hi, I’m Finn.”

Dueting the Gourd’s version of  “Gin and Juice,” with Falls to the wife of Blog Indiana co-founder Noah Weasley at Scotty’s Brewhouse before Brogan brought up the video on his Gourds phone for her to watch will be one of those moments that will stick with me for awhile.

And of course, the great chats with Douglas Karr. It was fun to talk SEO and Social Media with someone who absolutely knows what you’re talking about. I hope DK New Media flourishes! Something tells me that’s a given.

I also enjoyed meeting Erik Deckers, Aaron Guldberg, James Baden, Pat East, Scott Wise, Robby Slaughter, Chad Richards, Duncan Alney and the holy host of other good people that made me wish the convention went longer so I could converse more with them.

I was glad to meet everyone who was willing to tolerate me, but there were two shinning spirits that stick out in my mind as people I was glad to have stumbled across:

Debba from – a bright light and a breath of fresh air. A blogging believer, a supporter. She was a delight to get to talk to. I’m looking forward to a Reds/Cubs game at the river city.

Rhoda Israelov – I was just sitting there eating my box lunch pretending to read “Catch a Fire” on the patio outside the IUPUI Law School cafeteria when this nice lady asked if I was looking to be alone. I offered up the rest of the table I was hogging and we began a conversation. Rhoda has spent over 30 years as a writer and is now doing blog writing as well as writing services for clients. Keep on keepin’ on!

And Finally, a Bittersweet Moment:  I reconnected on a friendship level with my ex partner-in-crime. I found myself supporting him, namedropping him, and making sure when we talked with others that everybody there knew he taught a session.

I thank everyone for makng 2009 Blog Indiana such an enthralling experience, especially Blog Indiana co-founders Noah Weasley and Sean Plew. I’m looking forward to 2010.

And, oh did I come up with a plethora of topics to consider…

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