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What You’ll Have Missed at the October 2011 #NWITweetup #Lunch&Learn

October 25, media

Sittin’ with the OldOld man when the evening came tonight. He asks me about tomorrow’s luncheon. I try to tell him: “Most all that stuff you talk about goes right over my head,” …he likes to tell me during commercial breaks of the O’Reilly Factor. Now the OldOld man has been retired nearly twenty years, […]

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[List] As Seen on TV / Infomercial Resources | Direct Response

October 25, 2011.Digital Marketing.#direct response

Sometimes the hardest part about understanding an industry is figuring out all its key elements. That’s why we crafted the As Seen on TV Life Resources page: for our readers, prospective inventors and employees, and for ourselves – just so we can keep track of it all. Please take a moment to read over. If […]

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TELEBrands As Seen on TV product company. Fairfield, NJ | AJ Khubani

October 25, 2011.Digital Marketing.#direct response

TELEBrands was founded by AJ Khubani over 30 years ago. Who is AJ Khubani? AJ Khubani was the man who first coined the phrase, “As Seen on TV.” Blame him or praise him, whichever you chooser. The Father of As Seen on TV and his company have helped hundreds of products enter the market over the years. […]

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